MetaboFire’s proprietary blend contains a clinically proven formula that provides a powerful metabolism boost and increases energy so you can feel better while dropping the weight. MetaboFire is made with Synephrine and other ingredients.
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Don’t take risks with your health. Only order from sites with the Good Manufacturing Practices certification. Each bottle of MetaboFire includes 60 capsules. As a dietary supplement adults take one (1) capsule twice daily, preferably before a meal or as recommended by a physician. CAUTION: Do not exceed recommended dosage. Discontinue use and consult a physician or qualified healthcare professional if any adverse reactions occur.
"Guarana is derived from the seeds of a South American tree. Because it's high in caffeine, it has become a popular energy supplement. Because caffeine is a stimulant that has been shown to improve mood and aid weight loss, guarana may very well also have these effects."
- WebMD
"Bitter Orange contains synephrine and octopamine - chemicals that are similar to ephedrine in ephedra."
- Mayo Clinic
"When you try to boost your metabolism, there is so much that you can do without the use of drugs and other items. Just combining diet and exercize can do a great deal. All that is really needed if you want to is to use vitamin supplements."
- HealthGuidance
"Garcinia cambogia extract, used alone or in combination with other ingredients, is marketed as a dietary aid that suppresses the appetite, inhibits the synthesis of lipids, and burns fat via thermogenesis."
- National Institutes of Health